Montorio Homes builds in major neighborhood developments as well as infill lots, and acreages. We offer a variety of products from multi-family units to estate homes. Montorio is not about customization, we are about collaboration – turning your vision into a reality while providing quality in your building experience and in the finished product.

Quality, intelligent modern design,  and outstanding customer service, are at the heart of Montorio’s core business values.   Montorio has created homes with families in Edmonton, and its surrounding communities, for over 30 years. A home should reflect your personality, and our cooperative process involves you from the time you choose your lot until the time you turn the key to your new home. We can work within your budget, and assist you with every step of your build, from helping you choose a mortgage specialist right up until you actually take possession of your dream home.

The first phase of your build starts with your contract. We get your blueprints finalized, architecturally approved, and obtain the appropriate permits. Then you’ll make your product selections for your home and we’ll begin construction. After your lot is staked out and we’ve completed excavation, poured your basement walls, and back-filled, we’ll start framing your home.

Once we have your home framed and the roof is on, we will have you walk through and confirm placements for your electrical rough-ins. This stage of construction is also when we do plumbing rough-ins and then we start insulating your home prior to drywall installation and taping. You’ll usually get a firm possession date when we’re ready to install the finishing touches in your home and incorporate your aesthetic selections such as light fixtures, flooring, and paint.

If you’re concerned about selling your current home to start the process with us, ask one of our Sales Team about our Guaranteed Sale Program today!

Take a look at our homes before chosing the best custom home type for your taste and preferences.

Montorio Homes is a Professional Home Builders Institute accredited Master Builder.